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Try Out Active Traffic for Free.

Try Out Active Traffic for Free.
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People tend to gravitate to the LEAST EXPENSIVE, 

PASSIVE ad types like Banners, Buttons, Textlinks and Rotators.



Credit Mail, Solos, SuperSolos, Ruby Solos, Private List Solos


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30,000 Credits (Hint: Think Credit Mail)

5 free Solo Ads

PLUS Passive Traffic Ads:

5 Banners

5 Text Links

2 Buttons


This is available FREE on each of these 8 sites:

SoloAdsWork  FunSoloAds  SuperLinkSolos

AeroMailsClub  AmazingTextAds ViperTextAds

HotTextAds  InstantCashEngine


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About Supernetwork Solos

My secret to sending 250,000 to 1 Million Emails per day.

Each of my sites are connected to one or more Supernetworks


1 Supernetwork Solo goes to MANY SAFELIST SITES 

and THOUSANDS of Members on those sites

for about the cost of your poofy high-priced coffee.


I typically get 10 to 20 times the Clicks as normal Solos


Exclusive:  Every Day, I offer Supernetwork Solo BOGO


Get One Site Solo for each Purchase of One or more SuperSolos

Buy 1 SuperSolo (about $4 or $5 each) get 1 Site Solo

Buy 5 SuperSolos (about $15) get 5 Site Solos


Rich Moyer - Admin




No Paypal?  No Worries.  I provide alternate ways to PAY and GET PAID


WorldProfit Silver or Platinum VIP members can redeem additional promo codes for even more credits and ad packs, available only in their Silver or Platinum VIP member area.